Social Media in Finnish General Education (2010 – 2014)

Social Media in Finnish General Education was a coordination project funded by Finnish National Board of Education (FBNE).

Projects and experiments from different schools at different levels in Finnish general education are giving small signals of change in pedagogy and the whole learning culture in Finnish schools. Schools are experimenting new and even quite unorthodox ways to adapt social media in teaching and learning. Teachers have also started to adapt social media and personal learning networks as a tool for their personal professional development.

Social Media in Finnish General Education is a coordination project funded by the Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE). During 2010 to 2014 it coordinated 20 FNBE-funded development projects related to the educational use of social media in preschool, primary education and secondary education. The general objective of the coordination project is to support the development projects in their operations and to establish and strengthen the use of social media in education. It looks for similarities between the development projects and helps the projects to network with each other as well as with other relevant actors in the field.

The coordination project, together with the development projects, aims at:

  1. Gathering, processing and distributing best practices and experiences in the field and especially from the development projects funded by FNBE
  2. Guiding and supporting development projects working on the educational use of social media by sharing pedagogical and administrative practices
  3. Reporting and producing support materials
  4. Arranging training and seminars
  5. Carrying out research on the use of social media in general education.

The desired impact of the project was more efficient and more appropriate wide-spread use of social media for educational purposes. The development projects addressed several issues related to promoting, implementing and supporting educational use of social media extending from creating a new school culture, planning and governing curriculum work, and managing ICT facilities to the actual pedagogical use of social media in learning and teaching by learners and teachers.


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