Organisational Perspective to the Variation of Process Modelling Languages

Abstract: Process modelling languages are based on different philosophical and conceptual foundations and, therefore, are suitable for different systems development contexts and situations. The need for variation can be explained by organisational and cultural issues. Process research has widely investigated the technical issues of process modelling languages but mostly forgot social ones. Therefore, we want to draw attention on their importance. In this paper we discuss organisational and cultural issues of process thinking and introduce a framework to classify process modelling languages on the basis of these social concerns.

Reference: Koskinen, M. 2000. Organisational Perspective to the Variation of Process Modelling Languages. MetaPHOR Research Group, Unpublished Articles, 31.7.2000. University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Available online: 2000-Report-1.pdf

Note: The article is an adapted extract from: Koskinen, M. (1999) A Metamodelling Approach to Process Concept Customisation and Enactability in MetaCASEs, see for details: