Towards Customization of Process Modelling Languages in Computer-Aided Process Engineering

Abstract: Computer-Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) technology is used for supporting methodical process engineering. PML customization for CAPE technology is an emerging area of research that focuses on the specification of process modeling languages and the use of such specifications in process modeling and process enactment. This study investigates PML customization and outlines its direction in process engineering and related technological support. We find that PML customization is almost ignored in current research on process engineering. However, there are some empirical studies that consider such customization essential in local process improvement efforts, since it allows process modeling languages be adapted and evolved according to the local conditions and requirements. Beyond mere linguistic adaptation, PML customization is almost ignored also in technological research. Instead, we find that current technologies are a major obstacle in the application of PML customization. In the future, we expect customizable PCSE and CAPE environments to emerge that give organizations more flexibility in process engineering and process improvement.

Reference: Koskinen, M. 2000. Towards Customization of Process Modelling Languages in Computer-Aided Process Engineering. MetaPHOR Research Group, Unpublished Articles, 14.9.2000. University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Available online: 2000-Report-3.pdf

Note: The article is an adapted extract from: Koskinen, M. (2000) Process Metamodelling: Conceptual Foundations and Application, see for details