Advancing Students’ Skills and Capabilities for Lifelong Learning with a Personal Learning Environment

Abstract: In this study, the contributions of seven social media projects in Finnish general education are analyzed to identify what kind of lifelong learning skills and capabilities can be advanced with a personal learning environment (PLE). The view of lifelong learning emphasizes the students’ future well-being in a complex, changing society. Several types of skills and capabilities surface in the study. First, students need pedagogical skills and capabilities to comprehend learning and learning environments, and technical skills and capabilities to construct, manage and use the PLE. Second, they need self-regulation skills and capabilities to plan and manage their learning, and learning skills and capabilities for individual and collaborative problem solving, information acquisition, and knowledge construction. Finally, they need networking skills and capabilities to collaborate and present themselves in learning networks and communities. Teachers need to rethink how they understand teaching and learning, and facilitate students acquiring these skills and capabilities.

Reference: Koskinen, M. (2014). Advancing Students’ Skills and Capabilities for Lifelong Learning with a Personal Learning Environment. In H. L. T. Heikkinen, J. Moate & M.-K. Lerkkanen (Eds.) Enabling Education: Proceedings of the annual conference of Finnish Educational Research Association FERA 2013 (pp. 89-111). Research in Educational Sciences 66. Jyväskylä, Finland: Finnish Educational Research Association.

Available online: 2014-FERA.pdf