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Recommendation Letter on Collaborative Learning with Wikis

Carlos Enriquez Bullejos, Pirkko Koskela, Minna Koskinen and Petra Kucharova, Learning assignment for master studies in Education and Adult Education

Abstract: In this letter, we present the results of our investigation of whether, and how, wiki technology could be used in higher education to better meet the requirements of the working life in the 21st century. We discuss the state of the art in how wikis can be used in higher education, as well as the benefits and critical issues of their use. At the end of this letter, we sum up our main conclusions and present our recommendations.

Reference: Enriques Bullejos, C., Koskela, P., Koskinen, M. & Kucharova, P. 2017. Recommendation letter on Collaborative Learning with Wikis. Learning assignment 17.11.2017. Master studies in education and adult education. University of Jyväskylä.

Available online: KLAS1409RecommendationLetter.pdf